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Thomassen Amcot Transmission Line Vector

TAI's Principal Investments

  • Focused on in-demand equipment classes and equipment owners with intense liquidity preference.

  • Worldwide focus has led to equipment purchases in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia

  • Investment size from $1-100 million.

TAI's Focus

Bridging the gap between renewable and thermal power generation

Sourcing thermal generation assets new from OEMs is hard to justify. We acquire and reposition low-cost, fast-track equipment to allow power producers to capitalize on grid intermittency gaps with flexible project scopes and immediate time frames



As the share of renewable energy expands, we face a growing global dispatchable energy gap of several hundred GW. Our investment in reliable, flexible, low-cost gas turbines enables us to target projects focused on capacity and reserve agreements


Coal plants are undergoing expedited retirement, forming immediate gaps in baseload generation that cannot be supported by renewable in the short-term. TAH invests in immediately available assets to support coal-to-gas projects with shorter lifetimes 


Demand-side power is increasingly critical to ensure reliability for a wide array of sectors. By investing in mobile dispatchable power, TAH is able to cover opportunities for fast-track transition or production expansion projects around the globe


To meet global GHG emissions standards, our OEM partners convert our equipment into hydrogen-compatible units. Our approach enables us to play a critical role in the future grid as hydrogen establishes itself as a clean energy source

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